Titan Felt Chart


Championship Titan Felt


Titan felt is without doubt one of the best values in the industry. Easy installation, great durability, and a fast surface that won't wrinkle and resists ball burns. Most residential and light commercial tables will do well with Titan felt.


proformfelt LRG


Pro Form Worsted Billiard Cloth


ProForm  billiard cloth is a newly designed worsted fabric exclusively from Billiard Wholesalers. ProForm provides a perfect match for the table owner looking for playability, durability and value.


simonisfeltcolorsnew LRG


Simonis Worsted Wool Billiard Cloth


Both versions are very fast fabrics, with 760 having a bit of an edge in speed on the heavier 860 cloth. Simonis is the industry standard of excellence in billiard cloth, and is the most well known. For all 7' tables and most 8' tables , we recommend the heavier 24 oz Worsted Wool 860 version. 9' table or larger may require extra "speed" and should consider going with 760.


Brunswick Centennial Cloth

DuPont™ Teflon® fabric protector is incorporated into the cloth fibers, protecting your investment without impacting play. Optimal speed-of-play is achieved through an exclusive 5-step finishing process, including vacuum decating. This process allows our cloth to be thicker while providing both durability and speed. Endorsed by BCA Hall of Fame Member and WPBA Professional Ewa Mataya Laurance.